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Honoring My Parents

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When I was little, my mom and dad went to my school and church programs, and clapped for me. When I was in high school, they came out to watch me march in parades and half time shows. They came to my plays and award assemblies.

When I started teaching, they drove out of state to come watch the plays that I directed. When I retired, they came to my retirement party.

Now tomorrow is the turn around. My parents are being honored at the Iowa State Fair, and I get to go and applaud them!!! So excited to do this for them and with them. They are not in good health, so it will be a tiring and taxing day. But we are so psyched!
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Thank you all. McD, my parents were honored for having acheived a Century Farm. It's called the Century Farm Award.

This is given to farm owners whose land has been in family hands for over 100 years. My great grandparents settled the farm, then it passed to my grandparents, and then to my parents. They have been on the land for 43 years.

If you are not from a farming background, you may not get the full impact of what this means. During the 1970s and 80s, many farmers from the mid-west went belly up and lost their heritage land to foreclosure. Banks sort of went wild with taking over farms after giving farmers really bad loans. The banks were very pushy with the loans, but seemed to have no heart at all in callling in the loan after a missed payment.

My parents have always been super frugal, and Dad worked at another job at night and farmed during the day in order to make ends meet. Instead of buying new equipment, he welded and patched the old. He was very hands on in caring for his animals instead of developing a mega-feedlot approach. Even so, they came within a breath of losing their farm, too. So this award really shows the gutsiness and perseverance of those who managed to hang on.

I am soooooo proud of them. All of my sibs and inlaws and I gathered there to see the Secretary of Agriculture make the presentation, and to hear the thunderous applause, and to see the tears in my mother's eyes, as she recalled her own grandma and grandpa and mother and father being on that same land.
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Well that is awesome!

But th real question is did you eat the fried butter on a stick?
And the real answer to your real question is...... YES! My sis and I split this. It was delicious.... tasted like a pancake with lots of butter...
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Heh heh.... McD is right. Food at the fair was either deep fried (as in deep fried Oreos, deep fried Snickers, deep fried turkey legs, deep fried butter...) or on a stick. Of course the apex is being deep fried AND on a stick!

As far as how it was made: they took a chunk of butter and dipped it in batter, then plunged it into a frier. When I ate it, there was no melted butter inside; it had all been absorbed by the batter. The whole thing tasted like a cinnamon pancake with lots of butter.
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Will try to post some pics of my parents and their award. I like the one with their backs to us. This was taken backstage as they were getting ready to walk on-stage. They are arm in arm, hand in hand..... just like always!

The next one is them after receiving the award.

And the last one is what deep fried butter on a stick looks like!
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