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Honoring My Parents

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When I was little, my mom and dad went to my school and church programs, and clapped for me. When I was in high school, they came out to watch me march in parades and half time shows. They came to my plays and award assemblies.

When I started teaching, they drove out of state to come watch the plays that I directed. When I retired, they came to my retirement party.

Now tomorrow is the turn around. My parents are being honored at the Iowa State Fair, and I get to go and applaud them!!! So excited to do this for them and with them. They are not in good health, so it will be a tiring and taxing day. But we are so psyched!
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Oh my goodness! That truly is incredible, and I can easily understand how this achievement is a rare one indeed! How sweet that your mom has all those wonderful memories. I'm guessing you have plenty of your own. Having grown up in NYC, I can only imagine how different your life growing up was compared to mine. I know farming is majorly hard work, and depends greatly on self-reliance (like your dear dad), and God himself, but I always feel a tinge of wistfulness of wishing I grew up that way. There's just a certain strength that can only be found in farmers, and that trait deems much respect!

Do you and your sibs have any plans of keeping this farm going?

Well thanks for posting! Reading it, and seeing your avatar brought tears to my eyes also!

Congratulations to you and your hard working parents and family!!

Theresa :)
Thanks fhg, for the pictures. And what a sweet looking couple they are. :queen2: :cowboy: It took alot of determination to do what they did. The award is wonderful, but how nice to look back and personally know that all their hard work is what kept that family farm going. I can only imagine the days they spent as a team. Bet they could write a book! I hope for many more days together for them. :cheergrl: Surely they're "one of a kind"! :vibes:

Theresa :call:
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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