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hot peppers

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yesterday I canned 20 pounds of jalapeno peppers. This morning....I am still canning. So far I have 30 jars and still processing 7 more.

Jalapeno peppers (sliced)
carrots (sliced)
onions (chunks)
garlic (cloves)
white vinegar
canning salt
Mixed them all together except vinegar. prepare jars. Add to jars the mixture, fill with very hot (not boiling) vinegar. add a dash of salt, if
wanted. Apply lids (like you do when you can) process 20 mins in water bath container.

In Mexico, this is called esceviche and can cost about $3 a small jar.
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I have already been offered $$$ for my jars of hot peppers. Hmmm.......maybe I can make some extra $$$
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