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How do you know if your child needs speech therapy

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This is starting to bother me. My son will be 3 the end of May but doesn't pronounce his words that great. I know what he is saying, but also lacks sentence structure and some people have made... *cough comments on this..

For example when he says words like...

doggie, it's more like 'dohe'
thank you is 'than you'
outside is more like 'side'
Taylor(his sister name) is 'yalor'
nose would be 'ose'

Also I notice when he tries to pronounce a word, it's the last letter that seems hard for him to pronounce.

The most he has put into making a sentence is 3 words. I know boys develope slower than girls but I guess with comments and going by my other two kids at that makes me think.

Like(like lol) when my SIL told me he needed this. My kids have been so far apart that I can't remember the golden rule and there was never an issue brought up with them... They make straight A's in school. Okay a few B's here and there.

So can anyone give me some advice or things to lookout for to see about his developement.

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With ds, who is now five, I didn't think he needed it, but another teacher recommened we get him screened at 3yo through the school district and sure enough he qualified. He meet all his goals in less than a year. Now with dd (2.5), she automatically qualifies for FirstSteps (which is the early intervention program for children under three) because of her seizure disorder. She is dropping final consonant sounds as well. She is also recovering from her first known ear infection (in both ears)--we go back to check fluids in April because it looked like they were slowly correcting at our last re-check. (Ds had a history of ear infections as well) She was making progress with ST and then she had another seizure in December so we have taken a couple of steps back, but she loves the therapist and thinks it is fun playtime. My theory is it can only help them--especially at this young and crucial age. I say go see if he qualifies; even if he doesn't, they can give you resources for activities to do together at home that will give him some extra reinforcement. :hug2:
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