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How I builded my credit, got a bank account and got 2 credit cards in 4 months?

I asked for credit report, and got denied that. Stating I was not in the system. Coming from France. I had to establish credit.
How I builded my credit and got a credit card, no 2?
I opened a bank account by internet and help by phone.
I did Self lender with low payment: 25$/month. They report to 3 bureau. That helped. After 1 month, it showed into my credit report. Then I immediatly applyed for a CC from that bank, I just took a chance, I got it, but with high interest and low limit. But that was enough to keep me going. So I used it to pay netflix, just to make it run. And set auto pay from the bank account to the CC. Then a couple of month later with good payments on my self lender. Self offered me a secured CC, wish I make tiny recuring purchased with. They have an auto payment feature on their loan and credit card, that just make it very easy. They suck the money out of my bank account monthly. Just fill your bank account 40$/ month to cover my 2 CC and my Self account 25$/month and they make the payment. I also auto pay my 1st credit card with auto payment 2 time a month for the netflix or else that is a monthly payment. And I put nothing else on my 2 CC. So with all this it give me a good mix of credit. I might apply for a 3th CC in the next 6 month to increase my number of account. My payments are all made automatic, so I miss nothing. My CC are very low under 30% that help the score too. My Credit score keep going up from 650 at first to 760. WIth the 2nd CC, I believe it will keep going up.

Good luck to you.
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