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How many literature/read-aloud chapter books do you read to your children each year?

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I am a Sonlight user, so we do a lot of read alouds.

But, I haven't kept to the schedule.

Not counting history, which is separate from read-alouds until Level 3, we only read 6 or 7 chapter books aloud each school year.

A friend whose child was at a good Christian school said they only read 2 (Charlotte's Web and one other) during the school year.

So, what kind of baseline are the other homeschoolers using?
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I can't speak for other homeschoolers, but I would think that most homeschoolers do tons of reading.

I've read all the Little House on the Prairie books, a chapter a day!!

I've also read Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little a chaper a day.

We probably read about 10 books aloud and then the kids read so many books during quiet reading time, I've lost track of how many they've read.

Reading is a big part of our family life and a huge part of our homeschooling program.
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