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How many of us work two jobs?

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I just finished reading Ashley's post about her second job (congrats!) and I was curious how many of us work two jobs? What kind of work do you do and are your hours crazy? I work in home health care and will be starting a second job tomorrow working with developmentally disabled adults.

After training, my hours with my new job will be 3-9 pm on Wed and 4:30pm on Saturday's straight through to Sunday at 4:30 pm. I'll get health insurance with this job and that's my main reason for working there.

I love working in home health care and I work 20 hours a week Mon-Fri for fours a day. I'm pretty happy with my hours.
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DH does, but right now as a first year nontenured teacher, I really can't. I will be working summer school and tutoring though.
I work full time teaching. I tutor afterschool on site and tutor privately from home. I work an additional 6 hours a week.
I work full time teaching.
In addition I work in the summer with the more severely disabled students and I am also on the school's summer team in case any IEPs or screenings need to be done.
I work as needed to do parent education, student tutoring or whatever other support is needed. In general all of my work involves children with disabilities and their families and I love it all.
Although I am not currently working two jobs, I have done so in the past. The last few years (prior to my mother becoming quite ill and ultimately passing away where I was assisting the siblings in caring for her), I worked part time at the park district teaching classes, plus did private computer tutoring and hubby did computer repair as a side business.
I have 1 dayhome child that is just before and after school care, and I am working as a teaching assistant in the school. I am also the relief bus driver for the school and I make and decorate about 3 cakes a month right now.
Until my health issues stopped me - I worked 2, sometimes 3 jobs. I'm a critical care RN full time, and was working 12 hour shifts, which gave me more days off during the week. . . so I'd work part time at another hospital in their skilled nursing unit. . . and I also taught for the National ALS Association (Lou Gehrig's disease), going all over the country teaching patients, families and medical staff about the disease and ways to make caring for patients with ALS, easier.
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I'm an RN. I work full-time (12 hour shifts) at one hospital and casual at another. I occasionally teach part-time at the college as well. So I guess that makes 3 jobs.
I work full-time as an 8th grade World History teacher. After school and on Saturday mornings, I teach piano lessons. Not exactly a huge second job, but it pays well and I enjoy it.
technically i resigned from my second job as of late october last year but worked thru january 2nd and i am staying on as a per deim person since they never had that before and they needed it since only 4 of us can do the job. it was weekend administration and great pay buy way too stressful day at work and then the office is a nit picking type where people look to complain about someone else to take any negative light off themselves - it seems they all live in fear of being fired.and that is what got me in the end-i have no tolerance for that type of office atmosphere.

they still havent filled the posistion- administrative people who normally do not do it are doing , it and my ex co-workers in office and the nurses i was supervising are begging me to come back.
i may work a saturday this month for extra $$ because i have 3 april birthdays and some dental work i need done .

although when i quit the weekend job i went from working about 18-20 vs a week to 20-30 vs a week for my other job so i already made up the time i got off by quitting it .
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The 2nd job in our case is our rental property work. Sooo looking forward to the renovations being done...
My dh does...he works at a stocking job from 5:00am-9:00am, then goes to his regular job. He also refs basketball games, he'll soon be umpiring for baseball, then football and finally hockey (he loves that...he'd do it for free!)
I work full-time as an environmental consultant and part-time (on call) as a catering server on weekends. I am on the call list for 2 places, and right now this means I work about 2 events a month. That will pick up in late spring and summer, and then again for the winter holidays, since there are more events in general then.

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