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How much are you paying for Medical Ins?

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Right now we're paying $90 a week for the 4 of us, including dental. DH got a letter with his pay stub last week stating it will be going up another $50.00 a week!!

Is that right around what you guys are paying? When DH first started at this company 2 years ago- we were paying I think $30.00 a week, then they hiked it up to the $90.00. And his job before that, we were paying about $28.00 a month!!! So this is a real sticker shock.

From my calculations from what we pay and what dh's company chips in, this insurance is getting paid a little over $1400. a month for premiums. I feel so bad for senior citizens and families who's employers do not offer insurance and probably do not make $1400 a month, so privsate insurance is out of the question.
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Ours is around $500 per month for the 4 of us. Thats after his company pays a part. Then there are deductables and co-pays.
Its really high for us and now that the ot has been cut its even harder! That could pay our mortgage each month!
Dh's company pays his insurance (they offer medical only), and we pay an additional ~$150 a month for ds and me combined.
When Jim retired approx. 11 yrs. ago, he was a little over 61 yr. old. Some BIG BOSS at the railroad told him because he was over 60 & had more than 30 yrs. service {he had 41} the health ins. would be paid by the company. We believed him...& should not have! We ended up going on Cobra for 18 months, then because I was like a dog with a bone...I finally got the RR Ins. to admit we could just pay our own. well long story short...we did this. It started out around $300 per is now $600 per month plus our Medicare which is $55 each per month. Great deal huh??? I don't dare drop them & go to something else because we both have health problems & this makes me very nervious. We do have a persription co-pay on this plan.
I jusr looked into insurance this month because September is the open enrollment month for the entire year. For the two boys and I alone, my part is 600 a month! Considering that I only bring home a little more than that for a three hour day, I declined.:(
I work for a hospital and use to pay 450.00 a mo. Now we go through DH who works for an insurance co. and we pay 200.00 a mo.

That is for 5 of us.
We pay $102.18 per month (our part) for medical and dental on the three of us. We have pretty good insurnace....they paid 90% on all the hospital charges for having ds. We have a $15.00 doctors office visit co-pay and good prescription coverage.
we pay $115 every two weeks. no dental.....just medical. hubby works as a teacher and they don't even offer dental. how pathetic is that???:confused: :mad: :confused: :mad:
I have to say ours is very good. Jack retired in January and I complained that we had to pay $166.41 per month for the two of us. We do have a prescription co-pay also (very low co-pay).

Since he retired, Jack has had gall bladder surgery and cataract surgery on one eye (the other to be done yet). I have had multiple drs. visits plus my breast biopsy a lumpectomy and chemo with radiation yet to follow. Along with this is many prescriptions.

In total, I don't think we have gone more than $150 out of pocket.

I am NEVER going to complain about how much we are paying for insurance again. It is there when we really needed it. :)


Our co-pay on prescription drugs is $5, generic $2 and we have no dr. office co-pays. I also had a mammogram and an 2 ultrasounds that were covered in full.
When my dh worked at his civilian job, we had Cigna which is an hmo, and the company paid everything for our family. There are five of us. Now that my dh is active duty National Guard, we are paying 20.35 a month for our dental and the medical is nothing. I have to admit, we have been pretty lucky with our insurance costs.
As I posted earlier, we have not had insurance in many years and now that I have been hired full time with the software company We will have full insurance and dental on all of us Nov 1 and the company pays it all. Everyone I have talked to said it is great insurance. I am so happy about this I have had many things that I should have went to the dr for and didn't because of the bills.
We pay $142/month. That's for the four of us medical and dental. Copay of $20.00.
I like that we don't have to go to a network of designated drs. or go through the red tape of referrals. We can go to anyone we choose.
DH's is paid by his work. We pay close to $500.00 a month for DSs and me.:eek:
Wow I guess I'm the most protected for the cheapest in the Village.We pay $35 every 2 weeks. That covers preventative dental on the kids to 19 and our Dr. co pay is $15 and meds are $20 and $5 generic. Emergency room and surgery is $100 I think.
We pay $105.65 per wk/52 wks a year..that is for 3 of us...The coverage has been getting less and less while the costs keep going up(due to increase in Nov again)..this does cover medical,dental, and vision...
$6 co-pay generic meds..more depending on meds.
600.00/per person deductable. and it will not cover all costs of a mamogram...(50%) is all it will pay.
I shutter to think of what changes will happen come Nov...As it is now we do not go to the doctor unless its the last resort.
I'm single and pay $58.00 every 2 weeks, my fiance pays $22 every 2 weeks and we both have the exact same insurance. When we get married, I will drop my insurance and join his which will cost us $45 every 2 weeks.
Dh and I are covered by his employers insurance. We pay almost $7.00 a week for dental.

Co-pay for office visits is $15.00 I believe and we also have a prescription plan that we pay no more than $20.00 for name brand drugs.
When it was just my husband his company took out $18 a week, once we got married and he added me to it, it went to $50 a week.

The reason I don't get it where I work now it because it is about $30 a month for one person and since I am a waitress, I probably wouldn't have a paycheck left by the time they took it out.
Mine is $40 a month for family coverage. Copays on meds are $20 name brand, $10 generic and I have a $15 co-pay for a dr. visit.
Wow! That's great so many of you have really good plans at a low monthly cost!

I just can't believe how much insurance rates have skyrocketed over the last few years. But during the same time period, I've definitely used the insurance (2 births, had my wisdom teeth out, dr visits, DH's quarterly dr visits for his cholesterol and blood presure).

Thanks for reassuring me that what we're paying each week is about average.
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