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How much are you paying for Medical Ins?

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Right now we're paying $90 a week for the 4 of us, including dental. DH got a letter with his pay stub last week stating it will be going up another $50.00 a week!!

Is that right around what you guys are paying? When DH first started at this company 2 years ago- we were paying I think $30.00 a week, then they hiked it up to the $90.00. And his job before that, we were paying about $28.00 a month!!! So this is a real sticker shock.

From my calculations from what we pay and what dh's company chips in, this insurance is getting paid a little over $1400. a month for premiums. I feel so bad for senior citizens and families who's employers do not offer insurance and probably do not make $1400 a month, so privsate insurance is out of the question.
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I have to say ours is very good. Jack retired in January and I complained that we had to pay $166.41 per month for the two of us. We do have a prescription co-pay also (very low co-pay).

Since he retired, Jack has had gall bladder surgery and cataract surgery on one eye (the other to be done yet). I have had multiple drs. visits plus my breast biopsy a lumpectomy and chemo with radiation yet to follow. Along with this is many prescriptions.

In total, I don't think we have gone more than $150 out of pocket.

I am NEVER going to complain about how much we are paying for insurance again. It is there when we really needed it. :)


Our co-pay on prescription drugs is $5, generic $2 and we have no dr. office co-pays. I also had a mammogram and an 2 ultrasounds that were covered in full.
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