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How much are you paying for Medical Ins?

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Right now we're paying $90 a week for the 4 of us, including dental. DH got a letter with his pay stub last week stating it will be going up another $50.00 a week!!

Is that right around what you guys are paying? When DH first started at this company 2 years ago- we were paying I think $30.00 a week, then they hiked it up to the $90.00. And his job before that, we were paying about $28.00 a month!!! So this is a real sticker shock.

From my calculations from what we pay and what dh's company chips in, this insurance is getting paid a little over $1400. a month for premiums. I feel so bad for senior citizens and families who's employers do not offer insurance and probably do not make $1400 a month, so privsate insurance is out of the question.
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Wow! That's great so many of you have really good plans at a low monthly cost!

I just can't believe how much insurance rates have skyrocketed over the last few years. But during the same time period, I've definitely used the insurance (2 births, had my wisdom teeth out, dr visits, DH's quarterly dr visits for his cholesterol and blood presure).

Thanks for reassuring me that what we're paying each week is about average.
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