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How much are you paying for Medical Ins?

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Right now we're paying $90 a week for the 4 of us, including dental. DH got a letter with his pay stub last week stating it will be going up another $50.00 a week!!

Is that right around what you guys are paying? When DH first started at this company 2 years ago- we were paying I think $30.00 a week, then they hiked it up to the $90.00. And his job before that, we were paying about $28.00 a month!!! So this is a real sticker shock.

From my calculations from what we pay and what dh's company chips in, this insurance is getting paid a little over $1400. a month for premiums. I feel so bad for senior citizens and families who's employers do not offer insurance and probably do not make $1400 a month, so privsate insurance is out of the question.
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We pay $105.65 per wk/52 wks a year..that is for 3 of us...The coverage has been getting less and less while the costs keep going up(due to increase in Nov again)..this does cover medical,dental, and vision...
$6 co-pay generic meds..more depending on meds.
600.00/per person deductable. and it will not cover all costs of a mamogram...(50%) is all it will pay.
I shutter to think of what changes will happen come Nov...As it is now we do not go to the doctor unless its the last resort.
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