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The National Pasta Association devised the quiz below. How much do YOU know about pasta???

Answers are at bottom of post just scroll down after answering to see how many you got right

1. In Italian, fettuccine means:
a) ribbons
b) strings
c) horse hair
d) whiskers
2. In Italian, stelline means:
a) little diamonds
b) butterflies
c) melon seeds
d) little stars

3. When is National Pasta Month:
a) the month of May when durum wheat is planted
b) the month during which Columbus Day falls
c) the month of September when durum is harvested
d) the month during which daylight savings time begins

4. In Italian, capelli d'angelo means:
a) little angels
b) angel's wings
c) angel's hair
d) angel's breath

5. Pasta is on record as first being eaten by whom?
a) the Chinese
b) the Italians
c) the Greeks
d) the Romans

6. Pasta does not contain:
a) B vitamins
b) iron
c) fiber
d) cholesterol

7. Which of the following statements is false when it comes to cooking
pasta? a) at least one quart of water should be used for every four ounces of dry pasta
b) pasta should always be rinsed after cooking
c) salt added to the boiling water is optional
d) the pot should be kept uncovered while the water is boiling

8. Approximately how many shapes of pasta have been developed?
a) 100
b) 350
c) 25
d) 600








1. a) ribbons
2. d) little stars
3. b) National Pasta Month is always the month during which Columbus Day falls
4. c) angel's hair
5. a) The Chinese are on record as having eaten pasta as early as 5,000 B.C.
6. d) Pasta alone contains no cholesterol
7. b) Do not rinse pasta after cooking unless the recipe specifically says to do so
8. d) 600

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rofl i got em all wrong! :curtain:

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I got 1,4,6,7and 8 right...But only because I watch Everyday italian on food network lol

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Got 2 #7 wrong...DUH and plainly got #8 WRONG!!!! :toothy:

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I missed 2 & what else do I know about pasta? I know that it would be heck on earth if I had to live witout it, I love pasta.:)
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