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How much does using a clothesline really save???

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Does anyone know? Like, how much is one load in electricity? Surely not more than 25 cents or so? Or is it more?

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However I can't line dry because of my daughter's allergies.

I wish I had the option to air dry. I could save about $30 a month now.~
Nusiance, have you tried to dry the clothes indoors? I cannot have my clothes line dried outdoors because of my allergies but I can hang them in my house without a problem. Don't know if you would have the space for it. Shower curtain rods, free-standing clothes racks, etc.

I have been line drying in the house for months now and I don't see myself ever going back. So far I only use the dryer for socks/undies/towels/bedding. When the bf visits I'm going to see if he can rig up a line for me to use clothespins that I bought for the socks/undies/towels/bedding.

I have a free-standing clothes rack, and now I'm using the huge beam that goes across my basement ceiling. It works GREAT!!! Love it. I'm short, its a tiny stretch, but who doesn't need to stretch out once in awhile, eh?

At this point I don't care about the money, I care about the fact that I was using electricity unnecessarily and costing myself money unnecessarily even if its a small amount, why waste it? But then, I enjoy the task, that matters too. If you dread it, don't bother. Your quality of life is important too. I enjoy it and enjoy the money it saves. I don't know exactly how much it cost but my electric bill is now under $80 and I can't help but think that it contributes compared to the 5-7 loads of clothes I used to dry with it.
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~Yes I've done it occasionally. I used to have space to set up a floor rack before baby #2 came along. We're in an 800 square foot rancher. No basement, no attic, no garage. Booo!
It was annoying with clothes drying everywhere when I did 3 loads a week. It'd be horrifying to try the 7 loads I do now. I'd live in a laundry jungle!~
Oh my yes that's not much room to work around clothing and children.
While we are on this subject does anyone know where I can get a clothesline pully? I've tried Target and Walmart and even the local Flea Market guys. I'm getting tired of walking up the incline in my backyard and slipping when I go to get my clothes off the dog line runs.
My first thought would be hardware stores such as Ace, Home Depot, and Lowes.
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