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How much does using a clothesline really save???

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Does anyone know? Like, how much is one load in electricity? Surely not more than 25 cents or so? Or is it more?

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My mother has an all electric house. She had an energy audit by the power company and he couldn't figure out why her energy costs dropped in the summer. Her windows don't open so she's using a/c from the time she stops using the furnace. She figured out the only difference is she hangs laundry during the summer months. BTW she's 89 and her neighbor is 90 and they both hang their laundry during good weather.
I love hanging laundry outside. It is my favorite household chore. I love being outside. I love the smell of line dried laundry. I love seeing my laundry hanging in the sun. Line dried laundry is easier to fold. In fact, I fold sheets and jeans directly from the line into the laundry basket. My dryer was purchased in 1979 and I'm sure the reason its still functioning is because I hang outside when the weather allows. I no longer hang outside in cold weather. I also have lines in my basement but have not been using them because I'm 70 and not at ease with carrying baskets of wet laundry down the steps. I probably don't save all that much because our electric cost is fairly low and I have a gas dryer. My mother will turn 92 soon and she still hangs her laundry outside in good weather.
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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