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How often do you wash your bedspread?

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A spinoff on the pillow question...

How often do you wash your bedspread (or whatever is on top of your bed)?

I usually only do them when I am spring cleaning (although I "spring clean" in the fall as well), unless the kids wet the bed, throw up, or have a nosebleed. Although, my youngest gets hers washed a little more often because they are light weight and easier to handle, so I sometimes just toss them in with her sheets.
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We have dogs and they get on the bed. So I wash the bedspread weekly. I have several - lightweight, medium, and heavy. I change them with the weather.
I wash ours every week even though we use it with a flat sheet. Just feels fresher to me. Although, if my DH got a shower before bed rather then in the morning I'd go to monthly.
Ours are more "coverlets" than comforters to it's easy to pop them in the wash. So probably monthly or as needed in case of spills, etc.
Between every week to every two weeks.
Your supposed to wash them? OK, I do wash them but probably should wash them more often with the cat. It seems to be her bed.
We have a comforter and I wash it every 2 weeks when I do the bedsheets.

i use pretty, flat sheets for bedspreads in the summer.
i use pretty, heavy german flannel sheets for bedspreads in the winter.

i wash them weekly because three cats sleep with me on the bed.
I wash them about once a month since I have pets that like to snuggle (I should probably be washing them more than that, huh?)
down comforters go the the cleaners ($10)
all others get washed every 2 wks....
Sheets get washed weekly...Comforters get washed monthly.
I guess I'm disgusting :lol:
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I think my wife washes ours once a month, maybe once every three weeks.
Comforter gets washed about once a month.
once every four weeks. sheets weekly. we have four beds in the house, so we do comforters from each room once every four weeks...week 1 is youngest boys, week 2 is oldest boy, week 3 is dd, week four is my bedding.
In the winter I have a comforter over the top of it so not until about March or April.

The comforter gets washed every other month or so........depends on how much I 'lounge' on it..............or let the dogs on it.

As the bedspread is a winter one; it gets changed when I wash it to a lighter weight one.
Maybe 3-4 times a year and then it is usually because of a spill , pet getting something on it etc. We use the sheets, two thin blankets and then the comforter. No way am I beating the pulp out of my comforter washing it constantly. Besides if we are under the sheets and blankets and it is folded down at night how dirty is ir getting?
Seldom. It's a quilt and too heavy so sleep under. I have no pets, and it's taken off the bed at night, so like another poster said - how dirty is it getting?
Sheets get washed weekly...Comforters get washed monthly.
This is what I do as well... Or at least *try* to! All of DD's bedding (sheets, mattress pads & blankets) is washed weekly.

So I made the mistake and used google... I can't believe the suggested time on this one! :yucky:

How to Clean a Comforter |
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I wash mine more than most hotels do-and I don't do...ummm.. "adult acts" on my comforter.

Think about that next time you check in.
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