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How to clean the blades of a fan??

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With the warmer weather coming, I thought I would get my fans out of storage and clean them..only to find that my favorite small fan ( I also like white noise when I sleep) is GROSS with dust. So I got the screwdriver and went to take it visible screws!! I can't find a way to take it apart!!!
I just spend 15 mins. cleaning all the shield with q-tips and vinegar, but they're too short to reach the blades :S I can't shake it in a bag of rice cause the rice might get in the motor...anyone have any ides??

~The new Mrs.Holdright ;)
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When our fans are dusty we take them to the garage and use the air compressor to blow off the worst of it then take it apart and clean the rest.

Since you can't take it apart, how about taking it to a place where they repair tires and ask them to blow it off with their high velocity air gun. Couldn't hurt to ask and they probably wouldn't charge you for the air or their time. Just a thought.
Kind of going with the above advice. Just buy some of the canned air you use for computer keyboards. Maybe that might work. Let me know because I have a couple of fans that need some cleaning too.
So I got the screwdriver and went to take it visible screws!! I can't find a way to take it apart!!!
Hmmm, could it be a snap together type of cover? I had one that was a snap together and I had to kind of slide it a little to one side and then it would pop open. I also had one that just had wire attachements. I do have a couple of tiny ones that are factory sealed and if they break or get extremely dirty you just have to throw them away. Hope you can figure out how yours comes apart.
OMG, I just read this tip in a book yesterday and thought it was pretty ingeneous, but never thought I would actually have the chance to share it with anyone! I never thought anyone would ask for advice on this topic!

Take a towel and get it pretty damp, not dripping wet, but very damp. Then hang it on the back of the fan. Then take your blow dryer on the highest setting and blow the dirt off the blades, it should blow back and the dust should stick to the damp cloth! I'm sure you would probably have to do this on both sides!

I haven't tried it yet, but I will when I get my box fans out in a few weeks. If you try it, you'll have to let me know if it works. (It also is suppose to work on older upright heated water radiators)!

Hope it works for you!
Can you tell us what kind of fan? maybe you can find it on line.

I think you have the snap together kind.. or the twist and snap.

There IS a way to get at the blades.

I have to put that on my pet peeves list. Dirty fan blades... makes me ill. I keep thinking the dust is being blown at me.
THANKS Ladies!!! I will try the canned air and towel ideas, and let you know ;)
I KNEW it would be beneficial to ask here!!! Thanks for taking the time to answer!!
Heck if the tire places charge go pay 50c and go to the gas station and use the air fill up stations for your tires. Also you may be able to use one of those swiffer wand things...I know they have different's worth a shot...will prob work on standard size fans...not sure on the tiny ones.
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