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How to clean the blades of a fan??

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With the warmer weather coming, I thought I would get my fans out of storage and clean them..only to find that my favorite small fan ( I also like white noise when I sleep) is GROSS with dust. So I got the screwdriver and went to take it visible screws!! I can't find a way to take it apart!!!
I just spend 15 mins. cleaning all the shield with q-tips and vinegar, but they're too short to reach the blades :S I can't shake it in a bag of rice cause the rice might get in the motor...anyone have any ides??

~The new Mrs.Holdright ;)
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Can you tell us what kind of fan? maybe you can find it on line.

I think you have the snap together kind.. or the twist and snap.

There IS a way to get at the blades.

I have to put that on my pet peeves list. Dirty fan blades... makes me ill. I keep thinking the dust is being blown at me.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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