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Question: A lot of readers write in wondering about natural ways to prevent and/or control fleas on their dogs and cats. Here are some fantastic answers sent in by other helpful readers...
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<TD width="90%" bgColor=white>Cathy M says:
"Tell your reader to get the Original BLUE Dawn dishwashing liquid... its a great, great shampoo for your dog and cat to repel fleas!! Believe me this works, just pour the original Dawn soap on your pet, wash well into their fur, and wash off, for some reason this Dawn keeps fleas off your pet!! " Gina suggests:
"When I was young, my family moved to a farm in Mississippi. The local farmers taught us to use Brewer's Yeast on our pet's and livestock's feed. This was great for the coats but it also put an end to fleas and ticks. It is safe to use. I don't kow if you have access to any feed stores, but many pet stores are now carrying it. I even found some in one of my local Walmart stores. I now live in South Alabama. It is easy to administer as you just sprinkle some on your pets food. They don't usually notice it. Hope this helps." Heather says:
"We had a serious problem a year ago and I can tell you it takes a lot of effort and a long time to get rid of the fleas completely. First thing we did was bathe the animals with flea shampoo and put on frontline plus. ( I swear by that brand and type, kills the most stages and is waterproof ). The Adams you are using is the best and we have tried a lot of different brands. However we did not follow the directions on how long it lasted. We reapplied about every two weeks ( it is very important to get it in all place, move furniture, get in all dark places ). We also used the old trapper trick of putting a shallow pan of water down on the carpet with a drop of dish soap in it and put a lamp right above it. This attracts the fleas at night and when they all into the water they can't get out because of the dish soap. We did this same routine over and over until the fleas were gone and it took months and months, you can not give up too soon or they just come back. After they were gone we just continue monthly with the frontline plus now and have had no more problems. " Linda says:
"In response to Dena the thing that I have found that works and is an inexpensive flea preventative is the BioSpot. It's a topical solution that you put on the dog's back area. My dog gets a skin problem due to a flea bite, I use a combination of Omega 3 oil, bone meal tablets and benedryl for some slight itching. You would need to check with the vet for dosage depending on dog's sizes. Best to use the vitamins before a hot spot develops. But if there is hair loss and redness, the dog may need an antibiotic and a creme from the vet." Nellwyn recommends:
"Use Skin So Soft bath oil spray from Avon on your dogs to keep the fleas and ticks off. It really works!!! Have used it on my cat since he was a kitten and my husband sprays in on his clothes before going to the woods. Good for the skin too." Mary wrote:
" I had a couple of cocker-poos, one white, one black. They were flea infested. And had bald spots, skin was terrible. I was told to get some powdered brewers yeast at the health food store, mix a tablespoon each day in their food. Adding a teaspoon of garlic powder. At first they would not eat it. But I just kept giving it to them until they got hungry, then they became used to it and ate it with no problem. Don't give up.......takes awhile for it to get into their took about 6 months, but one day, they had NO fleas. I also used the Adams flea spray after their walks.........but spray them outside cause the fleas just jump off. " Linda wrote:
"To Dena concerning flea prevention--I have a dachshund who stays in the house, and I have found one thing that seems to take care of her fleas when she does get them. I bathe her in the bathtub and sometimes I use Adams flea shampoo, sometimes oatmeal shampoo or some moisturizing shampoo from PetSmart. I add some Avon Skin-So-Soft, about a capful to her bathwater. After her bath, I spray on a little more and rub it in well. Between baths, I have a little spray bottle with the same Avon Skin-So-Soft, and I spray this on her and rub it in. That seems to take care of her fleas. It also makes her coat look pretty, helps her dry skin, and makes her smell so good. I also use it for hand and body lotion and in my bathwater. It is a wonderful product--the other day I found a list on the Internet for 100 uses for Skin-So-Soft! I have used Adams Spray, but I like this better, as it is totally safe. I read just today in a helps and hints article that adding a little apple cider vinegar to your dog's water on a daily basis will also help with fleas. I have not tried this yet, but several people had written in the same remedy. If you do ever really get them in the house, you can get rid of them by putting a platter on the floor with water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid in it. Put a lamp near it so that it shines on the platter. Put it where the fleas seem the most numerous, just fixing it so that your dog will not get into it. At night, the fleas will hop into the water and the soap on their wings will keep them from jumping out. You will see less and less each night, and then they will be gone. Hope some of this works for you.</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>http://www.******************.net/fleas.html
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