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How to Make FICO Score Unscoreable

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Hello. My wife and I have not had credit cards or debts (no mortgage either) for about 5 years. We buy everything with cash or we don’t buy it. My wife’s FICO score now says unscoreable. But for some reason mine just dropped from 810 to 600. As a consequence all my insurance premiums are going up (doubling).
Does anyone know how a guy who has never missed a bill in his life and has now not had any debts for several years make my FICO score say unscoreable vs just a low number.
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Since it is based on your credit card purchasing, and you say you don't use them and haven't for years, it's likely that they don't have any recent information to base a score on. Thus your wife has fallen off the chart, and yours is only dropping because (I'm guessing) you still have utilities in your name.
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So, basically you are determined to have double the premium on your insurance because some nutjob says, "Don't have a score."

Good luck with that.
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