Ceramic is one of the most popular options in flooring, and for good reason. Not only does it come in a variety of colors and patterns, but it is relatively easy to install and very durable. Over time, however, even ceramic tile needs a little love - keep reading to learn more about how to make your ceramic tile look brand new with some deep cleaning.

Step 1: Give it a good sweep and mop.

One of the main benefits of ceramic tile is that it is very easy to clean. If you really want to give your tile a deep-cleaning, however, you'll want to start by giving it a good sweep to collect accumulated dust and dirt. After you've done a thorough sweep, make up a bucket of hot water mixed with a mild detergent and apply it with a mop - a rag or chamois mop is preferable to a sponge mop. Depending how large an area you need to cover, you might have to change your mop water a few times - if you keep using dirty water it'll leave a cloud of dirt on the tile.

Step 2: Apply an all-purpose cleaner and buff dry.

If after mopping your ceramic tile you're left with a film of dirt, you can remove it with a simple all-purpose cleaner. Choose a non-abrasive formula or make your own using a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar in hot water. Apply it evenly over the tile and then buff it dry using a clean cloth. Another option is to simply use a clean towel and push it over the floor using your foot to absorb the cleaning solution.

Step 3: Clean the grout.

After cleaning the tile itself, you'll need to give the grout a good cleaning as well. Keep in mind that grout is porous and it will easily absorb dirt, dust, grease, and other substances. To clean the grout, use a commercial grout cleaner or make your own using a mild bleach solution. For deep stains, apply the grout cleaner then let it sit for 10 minutes before scrubbing with a toothbrush or a similar small brush.

Step 4: Tackle any remaining stains.

Once the grout is clean you can take a step back and look for any remaining stains that need to be dealt with. Liquids like tea, coffee, and juice can leave stains on your tile, as can grease. For beverage stains, blot the stain with hydrogen peroxide. For grease stains, use a commercial floor cleaner or wash it with a mixture of club soda and water.

By following the four simple steps above, you can give your ceramic tile a deep cleaning to make it look brand new. Once you've cleaned the tile, all you have to do is maintain it. Give it a quick sweep or go over it with a wet mop a few times a day to clean up dust and dirt before it starts to stain the grout. Once a week, give it a good cleaning with an all-purpose cleaner and address individual stains as they occur before they set in.

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