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i remember being a junior in laguna hills high school in 1980, horrified by the Jesus shoes that a young woman from dana point was wearing. i now know them to have been Birkenstock Zurich -- the Franciscan monk style. fast forward to when i was a young graduate newly transplanted to Texas in a chemistry lab position in the Texas medical center and i couldn't stop staring at the ugly shoes of a German graduate student (Bonn - which i still find hideous).

twenty years ago to present day - as a 50 year old chemistry teacher and as a former chemist in past life, i have had to stand on concrete floors for entire shifts. over time my feet started hurting really badly from plantar fasciatis and i got help. Birkenstock eliminated the PF. no more foot pain.

in the 1990s Birkenstock had a resurgence of popularity and that is when i caught on. yes, i am a former (but sober) deadhead, granola crunching, ragg sock wearing former Californian, "used to be a park ranger in sequoia national park", happily transplanted Texan for the past twenty five years. how's that for a run on sentence. i never did write very well anyway.

i like the different colors of boston for playfulness, the london/paris for city wear. summer sandals i like zurich, milano and oslo.

when i lived in london, i wore closed shoes -- london and paris. wearing open shoes walking in broken glass, trash, pub piss and bum urine wasn't my cup of tea. my 20 year old black london wore out while walking Hadrian's wall. they had been resoled and re-footbedded a couple of times and were beyond further repair. my 20 year old black paris are still in use. in 2001 while walking/shopping in Lewes UK, a shopkeeper commented on the patina of those paris. they had the shiny patina of well polished and cared for shoes. in 2012 wore them yesterday. still look good.

the key to keeping Birkenstock clogs and shoes nice and non -smelly is to wear socks. if you wear socks with sandals, OMG - please don't. just don't.

polish them and use cork sealer.

Birkenstock shoes are reparable. one can replace worn out heel areas, replace the sole, replace the footbed, and change out the smelly liner. last month i replaced the footbeds on two pair of well loved bostons and a 15 year old pair of black oslo. this is who I use for repair Birkenstock repair information, prices and repair ticket

sandals i just replace every year, because with me, the foot liner gets gross and smelly. i turn them into gardening sandals. and then to the trash. no worries.

i don't buy garbage betula. the newalk just don't do anything for me. i tend to avoid the papillio, because they remind me of the QVC lesser garbage Birkenstock for women with skinny feet - where the QVC birkenstock rep misleads people into buying the wrong size/style -- "where all the sizes are narrow and every leather is pleather". i don't have anything good to say about QVC birkenstocks.

i like standard Birkenstock USA fare. Shoes, Sandals and Clogs | Birkenstock USA in "39 regular width". quality and longevity -- every time.

when in london i go to the covent garden store to see what they have.

in houston, this is a good place to go-- the two ladies there will order whatever you want and i like to support local business.
foot solutions
6401 Woodway Dr
Houston, TX 77057

in houston, i tend to avoid whole earth provision company, they never have my size and they have a lousy, limited selection. i do wish houston had a birkenstock store. jonina's Birkenstock closed a few years ago. bummer.

i currently yearn for a pair of the dundee in brown suede. last month i replaced the worn out - hadrian's wall casualties -black polished londons for a new pair of the black oiled londons - very pleased indeed. the oiled leather just rub on some mineral oil to look nice again.

ebay - the trick with ebay is to look for people who bought a pair and found out they don't like them or bought the wrong size. i have a fear of communicable foot disease like toenail fungus or athletes foot and so will not buy "truly used" shoes on ebay. i accidentally bought a pair of counterfeit brown polished london on ebay. i know they might be counterfeit because my socks fall down inside the shoe every single time i wear them, they don't look right, they don't feel right.
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