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I decided to give it try

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We don't have Angel Ministries here, but we do have a food basket. It's more of a small coop operation. There is no limit on how many orders you can submit, for $8 you get a fruit and vegetable, 2 to 3 types vegetables plus potatoes, and 2 to 3 types of fruit. For 12 you can get a meat order, this is typically a lean ground beef, a beef or pork roast and chicken of some kind. From the reviews i've heard from people, it's very worth the money, they purchase from wholesaler, it's not seconds or anything like that, just the power of numbers. So I'm going to do an double order, it's $40. Not a big deal, and see if it is worth it. I'd do a single, but then the meat typically won't feed us all, since it needs to provide lunch for dh the next day and the daycare kids. Then I'll do a price comparison to see what it would have cost me otherwise. And go from there.

Something to make the budget stretch.
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Good for you! And lucky you. We don't have Angel Food Ministries that I'm aware of. But we do have different organizations providing vegetable bins for people. One is for low income people. Mostly it's starchy vegetables and not enough fruit though. Instead we opted to go through the local organic food store and buy a bin a week of produce only. They determine what goes in from your list of acceptable foodstuff. You get a discount on the food by buying by the bin. I'm looking forward to our first bin sometime in February.

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