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I have been doing low paying jobs ever since i got into the job scene .

That is from 2013 .

I am from India and i am sick of this life .

I wish i had a better job and a better salary .

I have graduated with a commerce degree in 2020 , then we were all hit with Covid 19 .

So there were so little new jobs for new people .

I have been trying to find a new job for the past 6 months despite this covid 19 outbreak .

I am sick of working for these low paying salaries .

I was working from 2013 in a pharmacy wholesale distribution as a purchase in charge .

They don't even pay me 8000 rupees a month .

I mean ever since i have started working from 2013 , i have not seen a salary hike .

I joined a distance education commerce degree course in 2016 and finished it in 2020 .

Now when i wanted to join a new job , this covid 19 happens and i see very less vacancies for jobs .

I want to find a new job as soon as possible because i cant live with this 8000 rupees per month forever .

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