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no, that I'm comparing apples & oranges, so to speak.

I found a book that lists average sale and extra coupon savings as percentages.

For example,

coffee = sale price = 45%, with coupon = 50%

I was trying to say that since we roast our own coffee, that we do as well or better than the coupon sale. DH says not so, as we usuallly buy it from Sweet Marias and there's shipping to figure in, also that a pound of green coffee doesn't yield a pound of roasted coffee, and of course there's the additional energy cost.

I still like the idea of having these percentages and using them as a savings guideline, but okay, he has a point.

So I tried again:

mayonaisse = sale price = 40%, with coupon 65%

But the last time I bought mayo I got it at a salvage market, 2 qt bottles for .99, or 49.5 cents each much less than anything in the markets these days, also it's vegan, so I don't have to worry about cholesterol when I use it.

I thought about how I could still use those numbers, and figured the average for each column. The average discount for sale prices is 34.2% and with coupons added the average discount is 58.76% or approx 59%. I throw that out there for your info.

If someone else has a better way to use these numbers without comparing apples and oranges, so to speak, I'd be interested in any help you can provide.

TIA --

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