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I want to make Calamari…

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My boyfriends dad just gave me about 1 1/2 pounds of Squid. I have no idea why. It was very random.

I wish to make this recipe but I know nothing about calamari, nothing at all. So I would like to know your guys opinion of it. And if you have any variations that you enjoy.,1977,FOOD_9936_26987,00.html
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I'm letting :smooch: write the rest of this post:

-The Best Calamari-

Have a simple tomato sauce (just tomato and sugar to cut the acid)

For a single serving
1 clove of garlic
pinch of dried/crushed red chilli peppers
tomato sauce
oil, really any kind will do as long as it's not really heavily flavoured

To prepare
*Coat calamari in flour with a little milk (to help preserve squid you can soak it in milk if you don't want to freeze it, I have seen the milk go sour before the squid goes bad :p, in which case just change the milk.)
*Deep fry calamari until golden and crispy


*Mince garlic and heat in a saute pan with crushed chillis, use enough oil and butter to keep the garlic sitting in it *(High heat)* (oil will help keep the butter from burning, or just go with oil if you don't want all the cholesterol)
*Brown the garlic, make sure not to burn it or it will taste nasty
*Once the garlic is all browned (and likely about to burn) add 3/4(approx) of a ladle of tomato sauce and stir it around (this will drop the temp of the garlic and keep it from burning)
*add salt/pepper and a little squirt of honey and stir it up
*let the sauce reduce (leave it on the heat and whatever water content will evaporate out leaving all the good stuff) until it will just coat the calamari, toss it in and serve

It may take a few tries to get it to your tastes, depending on how much heat or sweetness you like, enjoy! :D

Just make sure the calamari is crispy and the garlic doesn't burn and it should be delicious.
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