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i want to take a shower - i am so icky...

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but i have turned the water off at the main. during a hard freeze i turn the water off and drain the lines. houston, texas houses are not built for cold weather. PIA.

in years past, everyhouse on my street has had frozen pipes but me. i don't have time to play this game, so i turn the water off. yesterday my church had frozen pipes and the resulting mess.

i have the day off and can be icky until it gets above freezing and i can turn the water back on.

does anyone else do this?
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our pipes must be better insulated, because I know it gets much colder up here on the East Coast, and we have never turned our water off.

I can relate to feeling icky, I have been awake since 1:30a and patiently waiting for the husband and puppy to wake up, the minute I heard them stirring upstairs I jumped in the shower. Now, I am ready to be lazy all day in my clean pj's. :D

Hope the temperature warms up for you quickly!!
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