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There is a sweater I wanted. Never saw it but knew what I wanted it.

Been looking a long time for the one I imagined.

I have tried on several but they were not the right perfect color or the wrong sleeve length or not cotton or the tightness of the knit was wrong etc something was always wrong I was beginning to believe the sweater only exsisted in my imagination.

Until today
at the Goodwill there it was. The sweater of my imagination was right there perfect . In my size. I tried it on fit perfect. I looked awesome in it ( really flattered my figure)
I felt even better on. The weight and feel on the cotton was perfect.
$3.59 the tag said they had put it out today on the rack today.

Also found a cute satin crochet with beading little black purse. Not a clutch but a over the shoulder with a nice satiny cord. Will look very nice ( and be hand for the dress up event I get to go to)$1.79

Good trip to the Goodwill
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