If you're falling victim to the winter blues, why not bring a little color into your life? Adding a birdfeeder to your yard will attract vibrant, colorful birds that can really brighten your day. Here are some simple ideas for building your own DIY birdfeeder:

1. Plate and Bowl

There are several ways you can use dinnerware to create a DIY birdfeeder. One option is to simply glue a bowl to a plate then hang it and fill the bowl with seed. Another option is to drill a hole through the middle of a plate and bowl then hang the plate upside down at the top of a metal rod and the bowl at the bottom. Your birds can perch on the bowl to eat, protected by the plate above.

2. Wine Bottles

If you have some empty wine bottles (or any decorative glass bottle), you can turn it into a birdfeeder. Carefully drill a few holes around the bottom of the bottle then fill it with seed and place it upright in a saucer and place it on a ledge or windowsill for the birds to enjoy. You can also attach the saucer to the bottom of the bottle and hang it.

3. Plastic Bottles

All you need for a quick and easy birdfeeder is an empty plastic bottle and some wooden pencils. Poke a few holes through the plastic bottle and insert the pencils so they form perches for your birds. Then all you have to do is fill the bottle with seed, add a few smaller holes above each perch, then hang the bottle wherever you like.

4. Teacups and Saucers

If you like the idea of creating a birdfeeder that is a bit quirky, collect some matching teacups and saucers. Glue the matching teacup to the middle of each saucer then fill the cups with birdseed. You can place the saucers on your deck or window sill or mount them on wooden posts throughout the garden.

5. Pinecone Feeders

You may remember this particular DIY birdfeeder from your childhood and it is still a great craft for kids. Simply take a few large pinecones and spread them with peanut butter. From there, roll the pinecones in birdseed and hang them around the yard as desired.

6. Terra Cotta Pots

If you have some old terra cotta pots lying around unused, why not turn them into a quick and easy DIY birdfeeder? Start by pairing the pots with saucers large enough to cover the top of the pot. Place each pot inside a larger saucer and glue it down. Then, drill holes through the sides of the pot (don't be afraid to get creative with fun patterns), fill the pot with seed, and top it with the lid.

7. Edible Birdfeeders

To cut down on wasted materials, why not create a birdfeeder that can be eaten in its entirety? Start by creating an edible base by mixing water and gelatin then stir in birdseed and mold it into cookie cutters. Let the gelatin set then remove the shape from the mold and hang it in your yard as an edible birdfeeder.

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