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If anyone's in Colorado (or anywhere, really)...

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Branson School Online . Com

Its basically an online school, K-12.
I know a large percentage of the students are christian, but their parents don't have the time to homeschool them.
Its a free, public school-- just all of the classes are online. Assignments are due at the end of the day, and they will provide you with a daily schedule to follow.

I started a year ago because I was moving to Germany and the American schools there were too expensive. It was my only choice- but I turned out to really enjoy it. It lets me work during the day and save for college while my peers are at school-- pretty cool advantage. Also, I can get a days worth of work done in 2-3 hours. Kind of shows you how of school is just busy work.

I ESPECIALLY like it because it allows me to take classes at the local community college for both high school and college credit. And the best part is- the STATE pays for it!! Free college credit, no complaints! Its called the PSEO act and it allows high school students to go to college for free. Its worth looking up, most states have it. It varies on how many classes you can take, but I'm currently enrolled in 3 college classes fo free!
I'll graduate as a sophomore in college. pretty sweet

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