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I'll never be on Extream Couponers but I do well enough

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I saw someone dug up an old thread about quitting coupons. I had posted in it that I found them useless because of my new healthy habits. :lame: cant believe I said that.

SO NOT TRUE and I have proven it time and time again. We now have so many resources for coupons that there is nothing you can't find one for at some point. The news paper is the least of these.
I find coupons for quality healthy products on the internet nearly every day. The trick is getting your hands on as many of them as you can reasonably use and hanging onto them until just the right time.

Most of my "healthiest" coupons are procured directly from the manufacturers web sight and facebook. Yes, facebook can save you money. Hunt down the product you want and like it on facebook. There won't always be a coupon available but at intermittent times they will post one on the page for fans to print out. And these are higher value coupons as well.

Double dipped is OK. I am a fan on Seventh Generations facebook page as well as I signed up to be on the mailing list from the company websight. NOW I get coupons from both places for the same product. I ended up with 6 1.00 off coupons all from different sources. This week publix has them on BOGO. Final cost to me .50 cents each.

Find someone to trade with. I trade with my mother. She likes certain dairy products and I will give all I have to her , in exchange she gives me anything she finds for things like Silk, almond breeze and the like. Perhaps you can find someone who has different eating habits then you do.

It's taken me a long time and a lot of ups and downs with couponing to figure out what works for me. Don't give up, just find another way. :) But what ever you do , don't buy it just because it's a good deal. Only buy what you will really use. If you start buying even just a little junk because well "it's so cheap" you'll fall into the trap.

I don't save 98% like the TV show does but I do well enough to make it worth my time. Today I spent 60.00 for 166.00 dollars worth of stuff. I <3 Publix.

* saving summary
* store coupons 15.24
* vendor coupons 23.00
* special price savings 68.27
* Total savings 106.51
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You paid roughly 1/3 of the retail value- that's super! The reason they do so well is a few things- MANY hours spent planning (I'm happy to put time into it, but if I ever approach 40 hrs a week 'couponing', please hold an intervention), stores that double coupons, and a HUGE stash of coupons.

Doesn't work for me because- my 'usual' store with the best prices never, ever doubles, and I am in a very rural area, so 'store hopping' is not feasible, I do not have anyone to give me coupons, nor any recycling dumpsters to dive through (I often wonder if I would if I could- verdicts out on that one still)- so I get what comes in the paper, what I print online, or what I order through a clipping service.

I don't do too badly- usually $8-18 at the grocery store each week, plus much more at the drug stores I frequent between coupons and rewards. I have gotten back into 'ordering' my coupons from coupon clippers, helps me have multiple coupons on hand for when items we buy go on sale.

:) My husband, who only likes the 'plain' coffee creamer, was asking me the other day why I bought 6 big bottles of my flavored creamer in one week...well, because between the sale that week and my coupons, I got them for .50 each, instead of the usual $2.79 or so. To me it was a great find! I'll never be an 'extreme' couponer either, but I'm happy with how 'moderate' couponing is working for us. Saved $30+ at the grocer's today, paid most of the gas in my car for the week! :)
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