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I'm Back, Kinda, Sorta Anyway

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Well, i returned to work today, still hurting but oh well, that's life.....It hurts to sit in this desk chair so every now and then i get up and take a walk inside the bldg....... :lol:
I can't take the meds doc gave me, because then i'd have to find a corner to crawl up in because i would get very :sleepy:
I knew i better come back today or i probably wouldn't be able to see the top of my desk for all the paperwork they had left for me to do..

I just :ache: all over, definately won't be doing any :dancing:
just trying to make it through the day.....
thanks for all your prayers and concern for me and the :hugz:
sent my way. i appreciate more than any of you could ever know..
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Hang in the Vickie !!!!!!!! I hope you feel better soon !!!!!!:hugz: :hugz:
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