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Sorry for the long absence everyone. I had a slight problem with my heart over the winter months and now sport a brand new piece of equipment called a pacemaker. I feel much better now. However other areas in my life have suffered.

What are we up to these days?

We have embarked on a kitchen renovation. Contractor is signed up to come mid-August to start ripping things out. I am packing up dining room stuff to make room for kitchen stuff as it is our makeshift kitchen for the duration. Our budget is $25,000 CAD. The average kitchen reno in the neighborhood is $40,000. We decided to go with quality cabinets, a cheap countertop, and classic backsplash tiles. The plan is to eventually replace the countertop with higher quality if we have to down the road. The cabinets should be good for a long time.

We have a small, waterlogged patio garden this year. It is not doing very well at all. I have harvested a few herbs to use in meals. Honestly, the birds, squirrels and rabbits are getting most everything in it.

I did manage to clean out my freezer from excess fruit and chicken carcasses since my surgery. I made strawberry-raspberry jam and strawberry - rhubarb jam. I also made 17 cups of crabapple sauce, and 4 pts. of tomato sauce. Then there were the 9 750 ml. containers of chicken stock and 2 4 c. containers of turkey stock.

I am making yogurt once a week now to keep hubby and the boarder in yogurt. They decided they like it, and it is much cheaper than buying it.

I made a huge batch of gluten free, dairy free, sugar free Kale Crustless Quiche and froze it in small lunch size portions. I also made some GF, SF lasagna and froze it for lunches for me.

I am hoping to start baking my own GF bread again. GF bread here is $7-10 a loaf!

Hubby and I are also planning for retirement. It's been a struggle. He would so like to retire next year, but we do not know if we can swing it financially. We are finally breaking down and talking to a CFP about it.

Well that's enough for this entry. Talk to you all later! :)
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