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I got to sleep till 7:45!!!!!!! But today is one day I wanted up early cuz I have so much to do. Oh well! LOL

Give Tyler a bath ~done
Wake up ~doing
Grocery Shop
Take garbage out
Bake 2 loaves of Oat Bread
Start crockpot roast for supper
Make homemade pizza for lunch

My SIL and her 2 kids will be here around 10am. My fiance is working on her van all day and we are going to take the kids somewhere. Maybe the Zoo... but I think its going to rain so who knows.

Hope you all have a good day!


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Good morning! I slept until 9:00am and now I need to get going!! :)

Today I plan on just staying home and doing laundry, cleaning up the house, etc.

Did anyone get inserts in their papers? I didn't go buy any today--I figured it wouldn't be worth it.

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Today is a mix of relaxation and socialization. We have a barbeque at my fil's this afternoon, although it is going to wind up being inside instead of a picnic because of the rain. What was to be a relaxing afternoon will now be 8 adults and 6 kids trapped inside the house. Whoo-hoo. However, I do have some things that need to be done.

Sweep and vacuum
Grocery shop (done)
Change sheets on the bed
bathe dd
put clean dishes away

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Betsy, save your newspaper money as there are no inserts
in the paper today (atleast there are none here in Louisiana).

DH & I spent weekend at my parents & came back around 2:00
today. Since returning, the washer & dryer has been running

I was able to get a few clothes for fall over the weekend. Alot
of the stores had some very good sales for the holiday.

I would LOVE to nap but it is now too late in the day. I still need
to organize receipts from the weekend, balance checkbook,
make "to do" list for the week.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

B = cinnamon roll, fresh fruit, sausage
L = chicken salad sandwich, chips
D = baked chicken, potatoes, carrots

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Afternoon ladies!

Laundry seems to be taking over since school has started back!!
Done 3 loads to get back to normal!
Typed all my coupons in to the cashin$ program. Maybe it will help me keep up with them! I will be able to click to see what coupons I have instead of dragging them all out for sales!

No inserts in our paper either...guess because if labor day!!

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Just an update--I baby-sat my friend's 7 month old daughter for a few hours this afternoon. She is so cute! It was fun watching her at my house.

Now I think I may go take a nap to thoroughly enjoy my weekend! :)

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Lovely day here today even though it was really HOT :)

I slept in till 10 !!

Then I got ayla up, got her breakfast..mosied around and brought in my two papers knowing it wouldn't have I checked to see if Ralphs had store coupons in it ..and THEY DID! I am so happy! I can get free cookie dough, and free salad dressing! yay! A couple other deals would have been good if I'd had the coupons for it too..but at least it made up for no inserts this week..

So I spent the day cleaning house, doing laundry, taking out trash..and I took an hour nap :)

Oh and I took Ayla for a walk :)

And I just grated some cheese to put in the freezer..

We watched part of "the muse" and some show on the History Channel..

It's almost 6 now, and we still have a couple returns to make (which knowing Carl, they will close by the time he gets up!)
And I want to go make a Ralphs trip and hopefully get to Rite Aid and Gene's find foods

Breakfast : LIfe cereal
Lunch: Bread wtih butter and jam, baked potatoes with salsa, lentil loaf and peas, half a popsicle
Dinner: Something light! My lunch was a dinner so maybe just a salad and water?

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Well I'm glad to say that Carl did make it to one store to return some things before they closed! :)

I also went to the bank, deposited 40$ in refund and survey checks :)

Then went to Ralphs and got 28$ of groceries(after club card) and paid 7.11 for it after coupons..I think i want to go again while my favorite cashier is still there! He is SO nice! NEVER has a problem with ANY of my coupons! :angel:
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