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Description: A novel by Dorothy Stroup, set in Japan before, during, and after the bombing at Hiroshima . This follows a family during the difficult time before the bombing, the horror of its immediate aftermath, and the slow recovery the people and rebuilding of the city. It has its grim moments, as it must, but is rich and warm and human, a chronicle especially of amazingly strong and proud women, not just surviving, but holding their families together, sharing, creatively working at a business they started, getting through the shock and grief, fear and deprivation.

It is quite some time since I read this, and the details fade, but the power of the novel is still with me. When Madhen urged us to review books, I knew immediately this was one that needed to pointed out to a wider audience. It was written in 1987, but should be available through libraries.

Keywords: Stroup WW2 Hiroshima Fiction
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