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Senate Bill 6: Increase of State Authority over Parents

Senator Jane Nelson (District 12)

This bill makes it a criminal offense for any person to interfere in a departmental investigation. If that person takes, retains, or conceals the child, and the action is interpreted as interfering with the investigation, they can be found guilty of a Class B misdemeanor. We are concerned that if a parent simply stands on their Fourth Amendment rights and refuses a social worker entry to their home to investigate, that action could be prosecuted criminally. This would violate the constitutional rights of families.

This bill would also open the door for unannounced visits and monitoring by social workers of families with adopted children. Under the law, children who are adopted become that family's child. The same Fourth Amendment and parental rights apply to those families with adopted children. This bill would allow for monitoring and visitation of families with adopted children by social workers.

12/07/2004 Filed
01/31/2005 Assigned to Senate Health and Human Services Committee
02/28/2005 Passed by substitute to full Senate
03/03/2005 Passed by full Senate
03/14/2005 Referred to House Human Services Committee

HSLDA's Position:
HSLDA is opposed to this bill.

Action Requested:
Please call Senator Nelson, the sponsor of SB 6 and Chairperson of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee at 512-463-0112 and give her this message: "Please withdraw SB 6 because it fails to protect the parental and Fourth Amendment rights of families."
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