You want a backyard oasis like you see on home improvement shows, but you don't have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on updates. Fortunately, there are many options for inexpensive improvements that will make your backyard experience as rich as anyone else's.

Reuse Materials

Outdoor furniture can be extremely pricey, but fortunately, you have options for something unique and usable. You could either purchase used outdoor furniture, paint it, make freshly upholstered cushions and give it a facelift, or you could make your own furniture out of wooden shipping pallets. You can typically get these pallets very inexpensively or even free from local companies.

Clean Things Up

Making your backyard an oasis sometimes involves simple updates, such as cleaning up or planting a few new flowers. Rent a pressure washer for about $100 a day and clean off your back patio and any walkways. Plant some flowering plants or trees for added beauty and appeal.

Add an Awning

If you plan to spend a lot of time in your backyard, you'll need some shade to keep the sun from scorching you and your guests and to extend your outdoor time, even when there is a light rain. An awning is a good option to protect you and your guests from the sun, and you can even choose one that matches the overall color scheme of your house and adds a pleasant aesthetic to the overall look.

Save Money on Pavers

The cost of pavers can add up quickly, particularly if you have a large area to landscape. There are several things you can do to cut down on the cost of using pavers and landscaping your backyard, but still keep things beautiful. For example, you can use gravel instead of pavers. Another option is to use large stones and leave grassy areas between, so you have to use less of the product. If you have a concrete patio that is a bit ugly, you can beautify it by creating faux stones with paint.

Cheap Accents

Make your own concrete accents with molds, such as concrete balls. You could also pick up vintage garden items from your local secondhand stores. Even if an item was originally intended for use indoors, you may be able to paint and seal it and use it as a centerpiece on your patio table or as outdoor décor.

Ask for Plants

If you see a plant you love at the home of family or friends, ask if you can have a cutting from it. Even inexpensive plants can be costly if you are buying multiple plants at the same time. However, family and friends will give you plants for free, so there is no need to rack up a big bill for this element of your backyard oasis.

Use items you already have on hand as planters or décor to save even more. With a little creativity, you can create a backyard experience that rivals the most expensive gardens.

Scott Huntington is a writer from central Pennsylvania. He enjoys working on his home and garden with his wife and 2 kids. Follow him on Twitter @SMHuntington