Should you stay in, or should you go out for your birthday bash? You've settled into this thing called "adulting" now that you're turning thirty-something or forty-something, and your birthday wish isn't super wild, detailed or expensive.

Mostly, you want to have fun with your friends without breaking the bank. You don't want a road trip to Vegas, but a poker or tabletop board game night could be fun. The same goes for booking a restaurant and heading out for drinks - why go out and spend all that money when you have a bartender for a friend and a new shiny grill?

Face it: Being an adult is exhausting, and it's okay to keep your birthday affordable and fun with your best buddies. Here are a few inexpensive ways to have an adult birthday party and live to tell the tale the next morning:

1. Order Pizza, and the Rest Will Come

Long week? Birthday in two days? Don't you hate it when it sneaks up on you like that?

The solution is simple. Your first call is to the delivery guy to order one plain pizza and another pizza decked out with your favorite toppings. What's your preference - Chicago or New York style?

Call up a few friends and mention the magic words: birthday and pizza. They can bring the beer, wine, snacks, and movies. They can bring the board games and shenanigans. All you have to do is wait.

2. Take Dance Lesson With Friends

Love to shake your tail feather? Do you have two left feet? Want to meet new friends and maybe a new date? Consider taking a dance lesson with friends.

Social dancing has tons of health benefits, too, boosting your mood, and an average-sized person can burn around 400 calories doing salsa dancing - it's just three steps. There's blues fusion, west coast swing, bachata and salsa dancing. Take your pick.

3. Make It 80s

Whether you're staying home or decide to head out for a little bar hopping, selecting the 80s as a theme is a winner.

Have a nostalgic video game party and break out the old gear. Set up gaming stations and a snack and refreshment bar, and you have your birthday party. Bonus points for "Stranger Things" playing in the background.

If you go bar hopping, even only for two hours, encourage everyone to dress in 80s fashion, pick a street and hit up the bars. Don't forget to eat first!

4. Play an Escape Game

Gather some friends and test your wits with an escape game. Different attractions have variously themed escape games, and some are "haunted" year-round. Escape games put you on a timer to solve a mystery and get out before it's too late.

The more people you invite, the cheaper the cost will be to participate. Some escape games keep the experience private, so you share the event with only the people you invite, instead of strangers. Some even allow alcohol.

Search online and call in advance, since bookings may go fast.

5. Host an Adult Sleepover - Even If It's Just for an Evening

Who says you can't watch your favorite Disney movies and build a fort out of the couch cushions and old sheets?

Toss pillows everywhere. Hang red or blue sheets from the ceiling with string lights to make a royal tent for yourself. You can also do the same on your patio if the night is nice.

Don your crown. Fill your tent with your favorite treats, and let everyone come over in leggings or sweats. Bring a tablet for movies. Lay out a picnic and snack on all the comfort and junk food you want.

6. Go Camping

Instead of camping at home, visit a nearby state park with the guys or girls. Or, cross the state lines for a mini weekend getaway.

Pack your sleeping bags, water, food, flashlight and other necessities. It's typically $10 to $25 a night to camp, depending on the location, and extra for firewood unless you bring your own. Set the date a few weeks in advance, and don't forget the s'mores ingredients!

These ideas will get you started with an easy-going, fun, affordable and unforgettable birthday with friends. No banks were broken, and no wallets suffered as a result of birthday shenanigans. Now, get your birthday bash on!

Scott Huntington is a writer from central Pennsylvania. He enjoys working on his home and garden with his wife and 2 kids. Follow him on Twitter @SMHuntington