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Hi to everyone here..I have 2 special needs children..Michael who is 8, severe C.P., g-tube fed, seizures, 2 hip surgeries and one g-tube surgeries..7 different meds daily..Daniel 5, moderate C.P., started walking at age 5 on his birthday, non-verbal, autisic tendencies, both boys have a condtion genetic known as Lissencephley.
Both boys started school at age 2, after almost 2 year in EI. Daniel is still in ECE, Michael is in a multi handicapped room. My school system is horrible, but still better then some..
I also have a 16 year old son, and to tell you the truth, there has been times when he has caused me more grief then the other two..sometimes haveing children with special needs brings it own blessing..
BTW, Daniel is only one of 4 the specialist has seen as high functionig as him..most are worse then Michael, having a early death, and are usually sick a lot, Michael has not been seriously ill ever, so I feel very lucky..
Daniel is a challange though!

Lori and the zoo:coffee:
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