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I thought I'd better introduce myself:

How did you hear about frugal village? Good ol google

What interests you here? I've been on the voluntary simplicity and frugality path for some time and thought it would be good to learn more and share what I've learnt.

What will you contribute? Know lots about keeping chooks, how to survive without a full time job (turned down a really well paid job just last week!)

Do you know any other members here? Not yet.

How many kids? Ages? Fur kids only

Tell us about yourself. Live in South Australia.

Do you own any pets? Two dogs, one cat, five hens, six finches, five fish, one wild mouse

Occupation? Freelance writer and editor

Married or single? Happily single

Interests and hobbies? Yep.

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Aloha and welcome from Hawaii!! What are chooks

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I would like to introduce myself too!

How did you hear about frugal village?
Looking up frugal living on Google!

What interests you here?
I want to pay off our debt and have fun doing it, I need fresh ideas for baking, cleaning, reading and other things. I want to meet new people that think somewhat like I do.

What will you contribute?
I love to cook and work in the garden. I know how to live on a very limited income and have helped other in this situation. I hope I can contribute something significant to this form. After reading post the last few day I have some exciting ideas to start next week.

Do you know any other members here?
Not yet but I hope to soon

How many kids? Ages?

I have three wonderful kids my lil babies :babybot:
35:music: 34:music: 33:angel:

Tell us about yourself.
Married to my wonderful hard working dh 22yrs.

Do you own any pets?
American Hairless Terrier Mz Lady

Retired and soooo happy!

Married or single?

Interests and hobbies?
Sewing, crocheting, reading, computer time, cooking, gardening more stuff I can't thinking of at the moment.

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Hi and welcome to both of you!! Make youself at home. :)

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Welcome to Frugal Village! Hope you both make yourselves at home.:apple:
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