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Iron or Dryer?

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I often will delay ironing until I have a huge pile of it, so is if I have enough for a full dryer load, which is cheaper: ironing for over an hour or putting it in the dryer for 20 min? I have a dryer that's only a few years old, so it's pretty energy efficient.
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If you're talking about the cost of electricity, check the wattage of each appliance. Check the manufacturerer's label on each appliance to find out how many watts it uses.

Let's say the dryer uses 1000 watts and the iron uses 250 watts. An hour of ironing is 250 watts x 1 hour = 250 watt-hours. Twenty minutes (1/3 of an hour) of drying is 1000 watts x 1/3 hour = 333 watt-hours. So the ironing uses less electricity.

Substitute your own numbers and do the calculation, and then you'll know.
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