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Is there something strange going on?

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I happened to look to see who was online and noticed it was a rather long list.
Then I noticed a lot of the names in that list are very similar, anyone have a clue as to what might be going on?

here's who I see on now:
ANGLSCRUB, AP102209, chickadee-7815, chowder, cieras, craftypam, daylily, Debbie-cat, Domestic Gal, ErikM02, ffiojedlr2D21, ffiojedlr7755, ffiojedlrE445, ffiojeertfa0570, ffiojeertfa1089, ffiojeertfa31E0, ffiojeertfa4C5F, ffiojeertfa6FAB, ffiojeertfa7032, ffiojeertfa8C8E, ffiojeertfaC055, ffiojeertfaF2BA, ffiojeertfaFEB8, ffiojefavaC080, ffiojefavafe2DE8, ffiojefavafe2E6A, ffiojefavafeD1D8, ffiojefitr0789, ffiojefitr35BD, ffiojefitr6A88, ffiojefitr7AC9, ffiojefitr9974, ffiojefitrC332, ffiojefla0C43, ffiojefla17D9, ffiojefla352B, ffiojeflaBCD7, ffiojeflaF8E5, ffiojeflo3260, ffiojeflo481F, ffiojeflo5770, ffiojeflo7EE2, ffiojefloB193, ffiojetrda13E9, ffiojetrda6F7C, ffiojetrda9121, ffiojetrdaB789, ffiojetrdaE959, flashyMcGee, FrabjousDay, Frenchcoqui, frugalwarrior2, frugrrl, HDJJ23, imagine, jamesdlr63D7, jamesdlr8933, jamesertfaB035, jamesfava67DB, jamesfava9EA6, jamesfavaB33C, jamesfavaB425, jamesfavaCD22, jamesfavaD194, jamesfavaEA3E, jamesfavaEC35, jamesfitr1029, jamesfitr44A6, jamesfla1B2C, jamesfla8331, jamesflaCA47, jamesflo23A7, jamesflo6324, jamesfloDDE4, jamestrda0FE9, jamestrdaC2CF, jamestrdaE1B4, jamestrdaF22D, jamestrdaF42D, Jamielane, Jellybeanz, jvera, khaski, LADYBUG7788, lisabeans, low-1, lparker, Mamaw, mauimagic, McD, mimi23, Missy, ml2620, Mrs K, ms.teatime, MTS04, myrasmamaw, nancy70364, Nishu, oheoh's momma, phudge1, Pippa5, pollypurebred39, Rhayne, rosey7415, savvy_sniper, scrap_candles, snickerb, Squidge, sunshine, thriftyshopper, tru, YankeeMom

anyone else think it odd?
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I was also thinking "spam". :(
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