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Morning everyone!

Partly cloudy with a 40 percent chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs 72 to 77. Southwest winds 15 to 20 mph.
Not sure if thats good or bad. :laugh: Oh well... at least its warm!

Tyler and I will be headed to the post office in a little while... hopefully the weather holds out for us to take a little walk too. Better see if I can find an umbrella. :(

I will be working on laundry today. Other than that I don't know what the day will hold for us!

Have a great Monday!

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Oh Sherry, You and Tyler come down here and help me!! It's a week of crafting to get everything done!!!

All the housework is done (what I can do anyway)
So I will sew on Mothers faux quilt
Stencil the dresser
Try to make a rag rug for her room here ( I hope I have enough scraps)
Finish some Hot Air Ballons
Attempt to make a wine rack

Oh just so much to do and never enough time to do it all.
DH says it's because I never finish a project before I begin a new one! LOL he is so right!!!!

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Have all a nice day! I'm working today at the bread outlet! It's a sunny day, today.

I will be voting, later this afternoon. We have elections here in Quebec for a new goverment.

Yesterday we put wall paper in our living room. It looks very nice. I had paid 2$ for 4 new rolls of wall paper at our church(they sell second hand stuff and clothes.

Well, talk to you later! :)


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Good morning Ladies !!!!!!!!!!!
I have just a bit of housework left to do.... The kids are home for spring break and dd has surgery on Thursday.......... I hope you all have a great day........ I hope Heaven gets her computer fixed soon ...........:( I really miss her !!!!!!!!!

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Well I am doing laundry and restoring order to my house after feeling yucky all weekend. My throat is still yucky but the headache left!
I do hope to get the maters and melons planted and some flower seeds today, if my time inside permits me to go outside!
My kitchen looks like a bomb went off!
I want it sparkly clean before I let ds use his tiny digi cam to snap pic for you all to see!
Keep in mind its not done, I still need to do the curtains and rolling pin door handles. Other than that its done! all stenciled and everything!

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Maniac Monday....

Maniac Monday....
So Far today I have already completed:
Putting away the clean towels and the clean clothes.
I have stripped the bed .
I have already put away the clean dishes.
Now I still have to complete :
Make Beds
Wash clothes
Dry clothes
Fold clothes
Put away the clean clothes
Work with DD on her potty training
Give DD her bath
Take DD for a walk
Change Kitty Litter
Take out Garbage
Pick up torn up trashbag that is our yard( I believe it was our neighbor's trash bag).
Fabreze Home
Read to DD
Play with DD
Do Daily Devotionals(Read the Bible and Pray).
Fill out College Application(for Bible College).
Fix Dinner for Dh and Dd.
Pamper my Dh and Dd.
Make a Dessert .
Let the dogs out to play.
Spend Quality time with my family.
I hope Everyone has a Great Day today.

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I can't wait to see the pics, I hope you are feeling well very soon Mel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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