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We signed the dotted line for the kitchen cabinets and countertop. Total cost will be about $9000, half of which we already put down in a deposit. We also bought a dishwasher and range hood, for $1100. Now all we need to do is buy the backsplash tile and decide on the flooring. August will be an expensive month!

On top of that we received a dental treatment plan for myself for $6500!!! I about fainted. Insurance will only cover $2500. I am looking for a second opinion from another dentist closer to home. I've wanted to switch to him before. We'll see if he can do any better. If so, I will be switching dentists.

Of course that did not come until after we decided to go with a fee only Certified Financial Planner for planning our retirement. She was not cheap either, but at least we will see some concrete payback financially from what she does.

Now it has finally stopped raining I have been out weeding in the yard. Just a few minutes at a time so I do not wreck my back. Hubby seems to be avoiding weeding this year. Not sure what is up there. But if he is not going to help we may as well sell the house for a place with no yard. It is too much for one person to keep on top of. last two batches of yogurt have not worked. A friend says it might actually be the weather affecting it. But I do not know. I know weather affects other food stuff, but I didn't think it would affect yogurt. I don't have time to deal with the ruined yogurt now, so I froze it for later use in pancakes, etc.

I tried to make some carob bark the other day, but it too, did not work out. For some reason the carob chips did not melt! I decided to mix the resultant mess with goji berries, pumpkin seeds, and sliced almonds for a trail mix I could eat while on vacation this summer.

I also scored an epic "Fail" on my kale chips the other day. I don't know. Me and cooking just are not working out these days! Some of them were burnt and some weren't cooked yet. They still tasted good, if a bit soggy/chewy in parts. Sigh.

Last night I gave in and ordered lasagna in for supper. It is cheaper to order lasagna for four than a pizza for four from our local pizzeria. So we do that and get a huge Caesar Salad and lots of Garlic Toast to go with. All totally off my diet. But some days I just do not care.

Well, that's my weekly update. Hope *you* had a better week financially and in the kitchen!
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