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Some times that can be a 4 letter word I don't like! The wind has been blowing hard the last 48 hours, no tornados for us though. It does kinda make it relaxing like the ocean when you go to bed. But over all it is wicked outside, cold snow/rain and this wind. Today I did nothing and I get pissed at myself for having these type of days. I just always think to myself tommorrow I can get something done and with the winter coming so do the blues.

But on the upside I get to take 6 13 year olds to the haunted house 50 miles away in the city, my ds said I could stay in the car, oh he's such a sweet heart, heck no I want to get out and embarrass him hehehe.

Do have medical test at the house tommorrow morning for life insurance, so have to only have water from now till then...I am also very hard to get blood from, it usally takes a few times till they find a good vein.

Off to drink some yummy water.

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