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I've been MIA lately!

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Wow, it feels like I haven't really been around much over the past couple of weeks.

Work seemed to have exploded and I'm busy! I NEVER used to be busy and now I'm going in early, staying late, bringing work home. Thats what happens when you get a new boss that wants to change the world! LOL

anyway, so lets see whats new with me. I am FINALLY coming out of my winter blues! From the end of October to mid January I was sick every other week and then some! Got hit with the flu in mid January and that thankfully was the last time I was sick.

I had just bought four new tires for my car after Christmas and then my car was in the shop for more than 4 weeks and then when I finally got it out of there, with the original problem still not being fixed, my car just truly died the next day, had it towed and sold it for parts for $350 and I got the new tires back.

Found out my brother, who had been clean for about 3 years, was using again and living with my dad.

Just before Christmas, my ex mother in law (86) fell and broke her hip and had two surgeries.

continuous snow and snow and more snow

so you get the idea...things weren't looking so good for me

So anyway, here is where I am now.

Brother moved out of dads house
Mother in law still isn't walking on her own but she is doing much better and there is a slight sense of hope that she may come home some day
bought a "new" gently used car - 2009 Hyundai Sonata with 16,000 miles on it AND its getting the same gas mileage as my old Sentra!
Starting to work regular hours again at work and getting more organized, while still making a little bit of overtime
did my taxes and am getting a nice return
I can totally see Great progress with my son and his school work, which is comforting as I was a little worried.
And I'm going skiing on Sunday to Mt.Snow in VT with $20 tickets!! Wahoo!

so just wanted to pop in and say hi and let you all know I miss my frugal friends!
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Wow! Sounds like the old "good news" "bad news"... glad to see you back and good to hear the job is going well. Hope your mother in law recovers.
Glad things are looking up for you and it's good to see you around again. :)
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