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It's a few days into 2011, but I've already learned something new about my frugality that I wasn't aware of before:

I'm spending too much on groceries.

I usually spend about $250 per biweek on groceries. Apparently, this is something that I should have had under control before now. In staying with my inlaws, I've found out that I spend way more than I need to. Here's a few tricks I learned:

1) Bread and butter with a salad is cheaper than doubling the main dish.
2) Having a leftovers night once or twice a week is good to clean out the fridge. (Now I had been doing it before, but it wasn't efficient enough.)
3) Two cans of soup and a sandwich with some crackers is pretty good as far as lunch is concerned.
4) Buying a few extra items each time I shop will actually benefit my stockpile more than I was before.
5) It's actually cheaper to send lunch with hubby made up of sandwiches, yogurt, and fruit is way cheaper than using leftovers from the night before.
6) I don't need to cook for a family of eight. (I was doing this before.)
7) Eating a good breakfast will lessen the amount you eat at lunch and dinner.

I picked up a few shopping tips as well, but until I figure out what is actually in the new neighborhood,I have to wait to modify that system when the time comes.

So did you learn anything new in the new year?
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