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I've learned that is it no more expensive and often cheaper to have things delivered to my house giving me back time and eliminating temptation.

Local organic farmers will deliver to the house weekly at a comparable price to stores or cheaper. I'll get fresh, organic, USA food and not have to deal with the kids in a store.

Sam's click and pull gets me in and out in 10 minutes. Once again, I "shop" while the kids are doing their homeschool work and I pick it up the next morning. I already know how much it will be so I can have cash ready. They are the cheapest place for water softener salts, cat food, paper goods, soy...

Amazon carries many of the beans/soups/nutritional yeast we get from the hfs at a savings of $1-1.50 a bag ($4-6 a case!!) . We are now on their auto ship for either 3,4,6 month intervals.

Delivery helps resist the temptation of goodies. Plus, it give me back TIME. I have probably gained about 3 hours a week by doing this.
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