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cutting boards (2) $3.74 ea
beef jerky (2) $6.99 ea
smoked Gouda (.51 lb @ $9.99/lb) $5.00
macaroni salad $2.99
duster cover $4.79
Half and Half (qt) $2.65
Half and Half (pt) $1.49

Save Mart:

sparkling water (2 4-pks) $2.99 ea
sparkling water (3 lg) $.99 ea
sparkling water (2 lg) $1.39 ea
small can of green chiles $1.69
cream of mushroom soup (2 cans) $.89 ea
cream of chicken soup (2 cans) $.89 ea
popcorn (2 bags) $1.89
puppy pads (2 100-count boxes) $25.99 ea
shredded cheddar cheese $4.19
puff pastry (2 boxes) $2.99 ea
small sour cream $2.19
bag of peas/carrots (2) $2.00 ea
bean sprouts $1.29
broccoli $1.03
carrots $1.49
celery $.99
snow peas (2 packs) $2.50 ea
scallions $.79
pine nuts (4.23 lbs @ $9.99/lb) $42.26
lettuce mix $4.99
chicken breast $8.10
chicken party wings (2 pks) $17.13 total
turkeys (2 at .69/lb) $20.79
sugar free cookies $3.99

The cutting boards are both Christmas presents for my sister and mother.

The beef jerky and macaroni salad are for me, treats, definitely not necessarily, but I could not resist their siren song.

The duster cover was to replace the very old and threadbare cover on my Mr. Clean mop. It has gotten a workout with eight dogs running around inside for the last 10 weeks!!

The cheese is to eat with the box of crackers sitting in my pantry. Crackers are no good without cheese!

The qt of Half and Half is for the house; the pt is for the office fridge.

The sparkling water is the only way I can get myself to drink water every day! It is expensive, but it does the trick!!

The chiles, canned soup, cheese, puff pastry, sour cream, peas and carrots, bean sprouts, broccoli, carrots, celery, snow peas, scallions, and chicken breast are all for a few recipes I want to try.

The turkeys are to be cooked and frozen for dog food. The party wings are puppy snacks.

The pine nuts are for the parrots. Raleys NEVER carries them. It has been about two years since I last saw them! That is why I bought such a large amount. The parrots LOVE them. They are in the shell, but not the really hard ones you normally get for birds. (My birds can't shell the hard ones.)

Piddle pads are for the puppies. I'll be fostering Olivia for a few more weeks, most likely, and Angus is staying, so I'll be going through them, even though the rest of the pups will be on their way by Wednesday morning.

The sugar free cookies are for the donkeys. Great way to hide meds!! Just put a pill on top, dollop of peanut butter on that, and you have an instant donkey "pill pocket"!! They never suspect they are getting meds!

The popcorn is for popping. A little snack on cold winter nights. :)
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