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Not much going on this week. The citrus continues to perform well, with the blood oranges and lemons in the lead, and the navel oranges and grapefruit trailing a bit. Everything else is still dormant, waiting for the weather to get just a little bit warmer before busting out.

I pruned the grapes back this week, just to get them back into shape for spring. I want to plant them in the ground this year, but I haven't gotten around it it. They are each in large planters, so they will be fine, but eventually I would like to have a small grape fence along the driveway. I listened to a podcast about starting grapes from cuttings, and I briefly considered giving it a try, but decided against it until I get these planted. It sounds simple enough, but I just don't have the space on my deck for more containers right now!

My indoor tomato plant is still blooming, but the blossoms are drying up and dying, so I think it is done producing fruit for me until spring. It looks green and healthy, so I have no reason to believe it won't get right into fruit production once I trust the weather enough to set it outside where the bees can get to it!

Taking a walk on the wild side, one fun thing about living out on land and not worrying about your lawn is that I have a number of volunteers that started as potted plants and now appear to be growing wild! One of them is the alpine strawberry, which I've mentioned before, but I also appear to have dill, chives, and flat-leaf parsley growing without any assistance from me. I am thinking about just scattering seed around on my slope, as it seems to do better without my intervention!!

Planning out my garden this year, I would like to try potatoes again. (I did them one year and enjoyed the harvest, but never got around to putting them in again.) I am also going to plant more onions and garlic, because I can never seem to get enough of either, and the ground squirrels, for the most part, leave those plants alone. I'm planning some of the usual: tomatoes (of course), beans, peppers, maybe a few flowers this time around. I have been going through seed catalogues and writing down all the things I want, then I have been trying to picture where each plant could go, and whittling down my list from there. I will probably order seeds next week.
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