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I have alot of things I want to accomplish this year! Breaking down those big goals into smaller monthly chunks makes them seem so much more attainable! This month I'm going to:

1.Spend $200 or less on groceries
2.Pay extra $50 on car loan and $100 on mortgage
3.Add $100 to savings account
4.Read books every day with my kids
5.Take kids outside to play 12X
6.Finish 4 sewing projects
7.Get through Romans speech evaluation and treatment/therapy
8.Make and send 2 birthday presents
9.Start 2007 change jar
10.Continue Mypoints
11.Continue Couponing, Rebating and Stockpiling
12.Start cash system for Entertainment and Gifts
13.Observe the 9-5 rule on weekdays

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I don't have many for Jan yet

1. $300.00 on groceries
2. Lose 5 lbs
3. Finish 2 afghans
4. Get serious on gift baskets business
5. Write menu plan for 2 weeks and stick to it ( or only change for whats on list )
6. Start Christmas shopping for 2007
7. Declutter 1 room per week
8. Keep a spending log to find out where its going....

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Good idea on breaking the goals down!!

January 2007 Goals:

~Get grocery spending down to $80 a week (this includes food, cleaning supplies, etc)
~Declutter & organize at least 2 rooms
~Pay ourselves first every week
~Track expenses
~Eat out only once per week
~Put at least $50 towards debt reduction
~Stick to budget

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1. Finish radiation
2. Organize bedroom
3. Try to nap at least on weekends.

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Great idea breaking it down, you got me thinking more clearly.

1. $15.00 each week to ING account
2. $10.00 each week to christmas 07 account
3. $250 limit on groceries per month
4. Excercise at least 5 days a week
5. start learning to crochet

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For January:

1) Stick to budget/envelope system.
2) Organize all financial documents into one central location.
3) Work on my knitting.
4) Work whatever overtime is available.

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I have the following goals I want to make.

1. Get back into using coupons as much as I can.
2. I need to stockpile {mine is basically empty now:smhelp:
3. Help my daughter if/when I can {things are really difficult with them now}
4. Bake more then I used to.
5. Use the crockpot a lot more.

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Janaury goals:

~Cut back on eating out (we have gotten in a bad habit of eating out at least 2x a week.)
~Start spring semester of college.
~Put at least $200 in savings.

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Great idea!
Mine are as follows:
~ finish one shawl
~ eat at the table more often as a family
~ fold and PUT AWAY laundry
~ pay $300 in c.c.
~conquer e bay as a seller!
~ conquer etsy as a seller!
~ make 3 purses
~ work out 5x a week

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My goals for this month are:

To exercise at least once a week (baby steps... gotta have baby steps)
Put $100 into savings.
Get taxes filed by the 12th.
Clean out file cabinet.

Those are my few. haha. I'm really working on small things to make up the big picture. :)

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New year, gotta put my goals down for all to see :)

Put up pictures on the walls, we moved 1 1/2 yrs ago, need to decorate
Cook dinner nearly every night
pack lunch for myself
Get back to selling on ebay
Open accounts for Raechel and Courtney to save for school/expenses..put in money every payday
Organize bills/files, burn old stuff
Pay down some debt
Save money for DD graduation party and for New Orleans trip next year

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My goals for January:

Cut out caffeine
Drink only water, unsweet tea, or orange juice
Send 1 story out to an editor
Write at least 2 pages of my novel a day
Walk and excercise at least an hour each day
Get my work room organized and trash what needs to be trashed; donate other things to the thrift store.
Send a note of encouragement each week to a friend.
Save at least $50 by the end of the month.

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Here is mine

Walk at least 30 minutes 4X a week.
Make daughters curtains for her bedroom.
Eat out only 2X this month
Eat a lot healthier.
Drink more water.
Lose 6 LB this month.

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1. Use my treadmill 3x a week
2. Menu Plan/Cook for 2 weeks at a time
3. Pay $500 to MBNA
4. Declutter all the bedrooms and the dining room
5. Re-cover the chair seats in my dining rm (already have the fabric)
6. Paint the upstairs bathroom (already have the paints, etc)
7. Start my next MBA class
8. Start behavorial training w/ the new dog
9. Get DD signed up for Brownies

Should be quite a busy month!

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My goals for January:

Keep my food/exercise journal.

Open a 529 account for DS.

Start going to yoga classes.

Start each day by reading the meditation in Simple Abundance.

That's it - I'm starting really small.

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January Goals:

~ Get our new school year started off focused
~ Finish knitting washcloths for SIL
~ Try knitting a floor rug from rags (saw this in a library book)
~ Finish garden planning and prep to be ready for spring crops in Feb.
~ Get more sleep
~ Grocery bill $325 or less
~ Have one family night out sometime this month
~ $450 to credit cards, $200 to money market and $50 into long-term savings
I think that is about all I can handle this month.

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1. Track every penny spent
2. Have more no spend days than spend days (didn't manage this at all last year).
3. Get everyone to the dentist
4. Only eat out for DS's b-day at the end of the month
5. Continue to pay extra on debt reduction

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You all make me feel so hopeless! I have a ton of things to do. Looking at your lists, I know I won't have time to do mine. But I will give it a try.


~ de-clutter garage, studio, master bedroom and bathroom.
~ redo sunroom furniture - stain loveseat, paint trunk and bookcases.
~ paint floorcloth for back door. (opt.)
~ increase fruit in house.
~ check to see if fish oil capsules are cheaper than fish.
~ 12 walnuts per day, as per nutritionist's orders. (sigh)
~ find a good egg white omelet recipe.
~ gym 3x/week - take pilates workout list with me and do it there.
~ walk with dh once a week.
~ no more than 2 c. of food per meal.
~ set up chart for weight loss progress.
~ buy healthy snacks for household.
~ redo affirmations and read daily.
~ nurture myself daily.
~ get out of the house every day.
~ finish "A Woman's High Calling".
~ read "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World"
~ reorganize my corner of the bedroom so I can do Bible studies in there.
~ meditate on scripture 5 minutes a day.
~ spend at least 15 minutes quiet time with God daily.
~ pray daily
~ buy one Christian CD
~ keep gratitude/compliment journal
~ pick four scripture verses to memorize; one per week.
~ write out a good copy of my testimony.
~ take food for after church once this month.
~ research public speaking
~ research training to be a counselor
~ attend a homeschool board meeting
~ shop one day per week
~ work on educational theory book
~ work on frugal book
~ buy envelopes to mail book
~ pick up thrift store coupon calendar
~ visit show homes with DH
~ visit library to check newspaper for local free events
~ clean furnace filter
~ candlelight dinner at least once per week
~ defrost freezer (if it ever gets cold enough to store the stuff outside!)
~ work on: hardanger dresser runner, inset applique piece, baby quilts, and rug.
~ if I have time, add fleece baby blanket, blue jean potholders and totes.
~ update my dream folder and think of ways to reach my dreams.
~ set up fat files/binders on areas I want to study and grow in this year.
~ finish recording DD#2's homeschool records.
~ write a blurb about the woman I want to be in one year/ten years.
~ implement new housework schedule.
~ spend 3 hours/week typing recipes into MasterCook.
~ put $40 of allowance into savings and give $10 of allowance to church.

That's it for now. I am sure life will throw new challenges in front of me. For now, don't be surprised if you don't see me on-line a lot. I have a lot to do!

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1. Eat up those items in deep freezer so I can defrost and clean it.

2. Reorganize pantry (got trashed over holidays)

3. Go throught the computerpaper box full of mags and send them out into the world.

4. Organize the new travel atlas I got for Christmas with stuff from old atlas.

5. Keep up my daily journal.

Laurie in Bradenton

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I know I know, I'm late to this thread too. Give a girl a break, I just found this section! Here are the goals I'm working on in January:

January 2007 Goals
1. Finish funding $1000 EF.
2. Pay off credit cards (that "magically" accrued balances over Christmas). After they are paid, cut all of them up except the one with the lowest interest rate, and freeze that one in a baggy in the freezer for extreme emergencies only!
3. Spend less than $400 on groceries, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and pet supplies.
4. Finish saving last large chunk of money needed to complete home and yard remodeling (will be glad to have that finished, it was almost $13,000).
5. Finish bedroom.
6. Get list of birthdays together and on calendar.
7. Take advantage of a January-only sale to get Christmas presents for several people on my list.
8. Go to the temple once.

I'm on track to complete all of these, so wish me luck.
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